Everlasting Fire Studio

Lampwork Glass Studio in Lincoln Square

Everlasting Fire Studio is an open-to-the-public glass studio in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.  We offer a variety of classes and workshops in Lampworking, an ancient form that most people encounter on a regular basis without even knowing it.  We melt glass rods at a stationary torch to create marbles, spinning tops, pendants, vases, wine glasses, ornaments, and small sculpture work.  The goal for our studio is to be a place where anyone can come to watch, learn, and shop.
For Lampworkers, we offer an encouraging environment that fosters growth, experimentation, and innovation.   We want to bring Lampworking to the public in a way that creates a true community here in Chicago. As an accessible public studio, we hope to inspire new students, artists, and admirers every day.  
In addition to offering classes and workshops, Everlasting Fire Studio carries supplies and tools for Lampworking and other glass art forms, as well as work from local artists.  We aim to provide an affordable and welcoming place for people to share their creations with the public.  You do not need to make your glass in our studio to sell it in our shop.  We love to show a full range of possible handmade glass items and techniques, not only what we do in our space, but also what other people do on their own.  We want Lampworking to become a part of your lives, whether it be an occasional workshop or a main artistic expression.

We hope you will join us and that you enjoy this as much as we do.




Questions? Give us a call at (773) 728-2071.

Retail Shop Hours*
Sunday   11am to 5pm
Monday   4pm to 8pm
Tuesday   CLOSED
Wednesday   CLOSED
Thursday   4pm to 8pm
Friday   4pm to 8pm
Saturday   11am to 7pm

 *Open studio, classes, private lessons, and group events occur outside these hours.
We recommend emailing us with 24 hours notice for open studio, and at least 48 hours for lessons.