Everlasting Fire Studio

Lampwork Glass by Elektra and John

John Landin
Beginning in childhood, glass has been constant presence in my life.  Since discovering lampwork while repairing laboratory glassware while conducting research I have approached it with wonder.  From exploring the play between light and shape to experimenting with etching formulations and electroforming my scientific spirit is always piqued.  As a trained chemist, I am always looking at the glass as an exploration of expression.  Texture and form serve to both hold and reflect light.  The combination of color and shape creates the personality of a piece.  The physics of this dynamic medium is foremost in my mind while working.  My goal is continuing to experiment with the principles of surface tension, viscosity and refraction.

Elektra Musich
Ever since I was a child, I have loved and appreciated glass. Stained glass windows always caught my eye, I collected Swarovski crystal figurines (and was a member), and worked with glass seed beads to make jewelry. There was even a brief period where I would take out my frustration on my mother and eat the seed beads in front of her (grew out of that one, thankfully). Paperweights, beads, sculpture, windows, all things made of glass have always fascinated and intrigued me. When I first realized I could make beads myself, I felt like a fool having never thought I could actually do it myself. After my first class, I was completely hooked. I love how it takes some of what I know about color and design, and turns it on its head. The idea that I can keep building and changing allows a freedom that I love. I see things now and I think how cool it would be if I could make it in glass. I never get tired of looking at glass, and I am always eager to see new work. With glass I feel like I will always be challenged, and there will always be a new goal. I am eager to keep conquering that list, and adding to it.