Everlasting Fire Studio

Lampwork Glass Studio in Lincoln Square


Summer is here!  And so is the heat.  And humidity.  Which is no fun to blow glass in.  In an effort to work at the most comfortable times, we will not be there during our normal hours.  The retail portion of the shop will be available by appointment only.  The studio will still be available for rental and open studio as usual.  Another change for the summer will be a reduction in the number of classes offered.   The combined heat of summer and the torch can be wilting for the uninitiated.  Our classes are still available for booking, contact the studio if interested.  The extra time will allow us to prepare for the busy season and festivals, fill orders, and develop new work.  All of the changes will end at the beginning of September when we return to our normal retail hours and class schedule.

Everlasting Fire Studio is an open to the public glass studio in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  We offer a variety of art classes with our main and primary focus in Lampwork Glass.  Lampworking is an ancient, but often unknown form despite the fact it is often something you have encountered.  We melt glass rods at what is called a Minor Burner torch and create beads, marbles, and small sculpture work. The goal for our studio is to create a place for anyone to come in and watch, learn, and shop. 

      For Lampworkers, we offer a place to come in to learn and experiment where Lampworking is the focus of our studio, and allow you to try new things and be innovative.  We want to bring Lampworking to the public in a way that creates a true community here in Chicago. We are the most open public access studio, and hope to find many more people eager to learn something new.

      We offer classes and workshops in Lampworking, as well as other art classes.  Our shop carries some supplies and tools for Lampworkers and other classes, and work from local artists.  Our goal is to provide an affordable and welcoming place for people to share their work with the public.  You do not need to make your work in our studio to sell in our shop.  We want to be able to show the full range of work that is possible, for people to see not only what we do in our space, but what other people do on their own.  We want Lampworking to become a part of your lives, whether it be an occasional workshop, or a main artistic expression.

     We hope you will join us, and that you enjoy this as much as we do.

Questions? Give us a call at (773) 728-2071.

Sunday   11am to 5pm
Monday   12pm to 7pm
Tuesday   CLOSED
Wednesday   12pm to 8pm
Thursday   12pm to 8pm
Friday   12pm to 9pm
Saturday   11am to 7pm

 *Classes and open studio may occur outside of these hours.