Everlasting Fire Studio

Lampwork Glass by Elektra and John


-Students are required to wear close-toed shoes while working in the shop.
-Please wear all natural clothing (cotton), avoid heavy synthetics while working with hot glass.
-Safety glasses need to be worn while working with glass. Those with prescription lenses are encouraged to wear contacts if possible.
-If making larger items (like ornaments) please bring packing material like bubble wrap, newspaper, etc to bring your work home in.
-You are welcome to bring beverages to studio. Hydration is important!

We require payment in order to reserve a spot in a class or workshop. You have the option to pay the day of, but we cannot guarantee you a seat for that day. Classes are canceled for no enrollment 48 hours prior to the start time.
If you are reserving a class for a group/private lesson, we require a 50% deposit on the class.
We require 48 hour’s notice from the class start time of a cancellation for a class/workshop refund.
If you don't/can't attend a class within 48 hours of the start time, you will be issued a class credit.
You may also choose a class credit instead of a refund for over 48 hour’s notice as well. Unless otherwise noted, classes will run with 1 student. If you cannot attend any other class offerings, you will be issued store credit.

If you are late and miss the safety talk for a class (approximately 20 minutes), you cannot attend class and must retake it or use a class credit. If you are the only student in a class and are 20 minutes late or more, you must also accept a class credit.

Most of our classes are for ages 18 and over, unless specifically noted in the class description. If you are interested in signing someone up under the age of 18, we consider minors on a case by case basis. You will have to arrange a time to meet with us, and your child, to determine if we feel like it will be appropriate.
If you are purchasing a class for someone else, you must notify us that you are not the one coming for class. In the event that we have specific requirements for a class, or have an emergency class change we have to be able to contact the student coming for class.

All sales are final. Exchanges can be made if accompanied by a receipt.
We are available for private lessons in soft glass, and boro. Please email or call us for pricing.
For our students, even those with just 1 workshop, we provide open studio. Those with lampworking experience and who have not taken classes with us, may also work in our studio with approval.
Open studio occurs during business hours when we are not teaching glass classes.
We request that you give 24 hour’s notice via phone or email so that we can assure you we have space and anything you need.
Demand for open studio can be high depending on the time-slot, so be sure to keep that in mind if you are hoping for a peak time. You are welcome to call to find out if a class time has opened up, or to see if we will be here outside of our regular business hours.

-Open studio using our minor burners is $11 per hour.
-Other torches are available during open studio, please call or email for pricing.
You are just required to provide your own glass, and mandrels if you are working with them.
Open studio time is all encompassing, which means it doesn’t just account for your torch time. Set up, clean up, and cold working all factor into your time. All open studio attendees must sign in on the sign-in sheet, and be sure to include your time in and your time out.
For all open studio attendees, you may use tools we have on hand:
You are allowed to use our 3 types of marvers (torch mount, table, and hand), all tweezers (round, pointy, and mashers), pokers/picks, marble molds, graphite reamers, glasses (suitable for soft glass
and borosilicate), bead release, glass grinders, bead reamers, etching solution, flux shaft drill, various sculpture tools, and a frit maker. We have additional tools as well, and are often adding more to the collection.
Use of the kiln is also included. If you use the kiln, be sure to fill out a claim form to be able to pick up your work at another time.
NOTE: We happily provide you all of the tools to use. However, if you break anything during your time here you will be charged for the replacement.

Everyone who comes in to work in the studio must be well versed in the safety of working in the studio, and be aware of those around them. You are expected to clean up your station when you are done.

You may also purchase glass and mandrels from the studio. We have a wide selection of soft glass, including some Double Helix rods, and are sold per rod. We have borosilicate clear rods and tubing for sale as well as an array of colors sold per rod.