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Simple Color Bud Vases

Available in 9 different colors, these small bud vases are the perfect accent for any home. Great for house warming gifts, flowers picked by children, or the garden aficionado in-laws. The many color options assure that there is something for everyone.

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Sandblasted Bud Vases

Available in 6 colors, these bud vases bring a different look to your standard vase. Sandblasting the glass creates an effect like beach glass, creating a lovely finish. Vases are available fully sandblasted, or just half.

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Single Color Ball Ornaments

Our single color ball ornaments add great color to any décor and are robust and hearty. They make great gifts and liven up any window they are in. Available in Cobalt (DD), Lake Green (AA), Emerald (BB), and Amber (CC). All ornaments come ready to hang with ribbon.

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Leaf Pendants

Leaf pendants are available in several colors and also sandblasted. Great for shops with a focus on gardening and plants, but also for those looking for a simple pendant style to offer customers. All pendants come on a cord, ready to be worn.

maria ornaments smaller.jpg

Assorted 'Maria' Ornaments

These simple designs are lightweight, and look great in or near windows. Light plays off them very well, and they can be used all year round. If looking for another use, they make great light pulls. The ends have a variety of colors at the bottom, so there is something for everyone.